Dotterised® Express Audit

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Do you want to grow your business more and increase your sales?  A Dotterised® Express Audit is designed to give you a snapshot of your online presence and identify things that are broken or could be done better.​

It's a recorded 15 minute review of your business online presence supplied to you within 72 hours.

In just watching a 15 minute personalised video, you could get the answers you need to improve your business. Saving you hours trying to figure it out by yourself.

Digital marketing has many moving parts. It can be hard to keep up, especially when you’re trying to balance digital marketing with other competing priorities.

A Dotterised® Express Audit is the first step to clarify your priorities of where to focus your efforts online to grow your business. Discover gaps in your current online marketing activity and get recommendations to improve it. 

You can be anywhere in the world and get the benefit of a Dotterised® Express Audit.


What Is A Dotterised® Express Audit?

A 15 minute video recording of an analysis of your online presence  by an experience eCommerce Conversion Specialist. It includes an analysis of your website, Facebook and other key Social Media sites. It's  a recording of shared screens, including recommended tools that you can use to monitor and review your online presence, plus recommendations on what you can do to improve your online business opportunities.


Who Should Get A Dotterised® Express Audit?

A Dotterised® Express Audit is designed specifically for business decision makers who want to improve their business performance. They want some tips on what may be missing with their current marketing. They may already have a marketing agency they are working with and want to verify the work currently being done.

They have a business plan, have a digital marketing presence and they are looking to make it work harder for them.

How Do I Get A Dotterised® Express Audit?

  1. Pay $147+GST for your Dotterised® Express Audit.
  2. Complete GCT questions.
  3. Shared screens and audio are recorded and supplied within 72 hours of receiving payment and your completed questions. The Dotterised® Express Audit recording includes ACTIONABLE steps to start optimising your online presence giving you quick wins to increase your visibility with your ideal clients and customers.


Discover What Works

The Dotterised® approach is omnichannel. We look at the whole customer experience and literally connect the dots of each essential element of marketing.

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Serena has been amazing to work with. Her knowledge and expertise is outstanding. You can really tell that she cares about the brands that she works with.  Thanks to Serena we have learned so much in the last 12 months and built a solid foundation for our online business. If there are ever challenges, Serena always has a plan to work them out. We really enjoy working with Serena.

Kate Stewart
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Live Well Health Essentials has been working with Serena Ryan for over 12 months now.

With a clear and transparent pathway, creating organic search presence and overall busines growth. Our partnership with Dotterised has given me training, knowledge and confidence in an area of business that Serena knows so well. Live Well Health Essentials look forward to a long and happy business partnership with Dotterised.

Kristina Coates
KB Medical Sales