Social Media Strategy

Serena Dot Ryan® is the founder of Dotterised®. She is an award winning Digital Marketer who is a contributing writer for the largest Social Media Education website in the world, Social Media Examiner. With over 40,000 shares of her articles on Social Media Examiner. They give a clear indication of the step by step tutorials Serena loves to help share to demystify Social Media for Business.

Serena Dot Ryan Founder of Dotterised Australian Shopify Experts

Serena Dot Ryan® has a passion for education and empowering clients to make informed decisions. Therefore, education is at the heart of everything we do. 

We have DIY courses for you to establish your online presence for business and we have DWY (Done With You) and DFO (Done For You) options as well. The Dotterised® Done With You is our most popular package as it is a hybrid approach. You get some work to action between sessions and we also do some of the work for you too and supply you with videos and/or instructions on how and what we have done to enable you to be fully informed and educated as we implement the Social Media Plan.

Learn how Serena Dot Ryan® and her Dotterised® team can help you make the most of your online presence through a systematic approach to strategically creating a Social Media Plan with you to support your business goals and then support you to implement the strategy through a mix of training, resources and content creation.

The first step in utilising Social Media effectively is to ensure your business has a strong foundation. We assess your foundation and identify any gaps you may have through a Dotterised® POWER Hour.

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