Shopify Web Development

Web Development With A Difference

Conversion starts with a fully optimised highly converting website. In your first POWER Hour with Dotterised® we will establish how well your website is doing. If you are not already on the Shopify platform we will assess if it is necessary to move to Shopify to achieve your business growth goals.

Dotterised® will then as a part of the recommendations provided after your first Dotterised® POWER Hour will give options on how you can move across to the Shopify Platform.


Why Shopify?

Dotterised® founder, Serena Dot Ryan® has worked across all major eCommerce web development platforms. In order to serve clients better, in 2020, Serena Dot Ryan® completed Shopify Partner Certification. During this process it became clear that Shopify is a strong eCommerce platform that when all its functionality is fully utilised, it is an exceptionally powerful platform.

In addition to the training, Serena Dot Ryan® saw the level of investment from Shopify in this platform combined with its ability to be flexible, have an extensive library of app integrations, it has become the leading choice for eCommerce Product Business Websites that Serena Dot Ryan® and the Dotterised® team recommend.

Dotterised is a Shopify Partner Serving Product Based Businesses


Yes Shopify as a templated web development platform does have constraints but rather than feel limited, the Dotterised® team, led by Serena Dot Ryan® uses this structure to find ways for it to work for businesses to be cost effective and develop highly converting websites.

Dotterised® is a Shopify Partner. All web developers in the Dotterised® team are certified. Depending on your budget, resources and requirements, included in your recommendations will be 3 options:

DIY (Do It Yourself)

This option is ideal for start ups or those with smaller budgets but have the capacity for ‘sweat equity’ where you are keen to learn, be supported along the way and use your own time to create your website.

DWY (Done with You)

This is the most popular option where we work together to create your website. Serena Dot Ryan® and the Dotterised® team work with you to understand your business, create the new website structure and content. Throughout the process, you are trained or supplied with videos and instructions on what has been done to develop your website. Think of it as ‘teaching you to fish’ rather than giving you a cooked fish meal.

DFO (Done For You)

This is where you give a brief and Dotterised® project manages a 3rd party to develop your website.The key to this process working is to have a certified Shopify Web Developer engaged who is willing to work with a project manager. This option is usually chosen for established businesses who already have a converting website and/ or a web developer relationship. However the current website needs updating and/ or they are looking to scale the business into new markets. They want the website to have SEO implemented more strategically and they have the budget to have a developer work on the website.