Dotterised® Services encompass the key marketing tools for eCommerce for established businesses. All clients we work with typically already have a products, and an active website. This also means that they have at least basic branding including but not limited to a logo, brand colours and fonts. They may or may not have a Social Media presence.

If you come to us and require branding support we have recommended suppliers we work with that we can recommend.

Dotterised® Services

Web Development 

Dotterised® Specialise in Shopify Web Development.

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Helping clients to understand and achieve good organic online presence.

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Email Marketing 

Specialising in setting up automated workflows and useful newsletters.

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Social Media Strategy 

Specialising in Social Media Strategy for the key stages of the purchase cycle.

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Content Creation 

Specialising in SEO optimised copywriting, best practice blog writing and Social Media content creation.

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Paid Ads 

Specialising in Google and Facebook Ads.

Depending on your needs depends which of these services are utilised. Your business needs are identified through an initial set of questions to understand your circumstances followed by a Dotterised® POWER Hour.


Where do you start?

All prospective new Dotterised® Clients start the relationship with completing a set of questions and booking in a Dotterised® POWER Hour. This is where both you and the Dotterised® team get the opportunity to test working together to see if we are a good fit for each other. During this process it is a win-win as a full assessment is done of the business and recommendations for improvements are given. The prospective client has the choice to take this recommendation and implement it themselves or to progress onto a package to work with Serena Dot Ryan® and the Dotterised® Team.