Meet Stay tray

Dotterised Client Stay tray Reusable Drinks Trays
Australian Made Reusable Drinks Tray Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Who is Stay tray?

Stay tray is a super small, environmentally friendly business based on the Mornington Peninsula about an hour from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Stay tray idea was sparked one day late 2017. Where Kate Stewart, the inventor of Stay tray witnessed friends and workmates carrying their reusable coffee cups in disposable cardboard trays. It was painfully ironic, reusable coffee cups being carried in trays that got discarded at the end of each coffee run. The best case was that the cardboard trays would be recycled and would still consume energy and water in the recycling process. At worst the cardboard trays would contribute to the 30% of paper waste not recycled and ends up in landfill each year.

Stay tray’s mission is to encourage the use of reusable drink carriers. To deliver sustainable products that challenge the culture of single use.


Working together since 2020


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  • On Shopify Platform
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  • 61% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • On page 1 of Google


"Serena has been amazing to work with. Her knowledge and expertise is outstanding. You can really tell that she cares about the brands that she works with.  Thanks to Serena we have learned so much in the last 12 months and built a solid foundation for our online business. If there are ever challenges, Serena always has a plan to work them out. We really enjoy working with Serena."

-- Kate Stewart, CEO, Stay tray 


Working with Stay tray is inspiring. To see how a strong vision for an idea to make a positive difference for the world and change the habits embedded in our culture of convenience and single use is amazing. To then partner with this small family run business to grow the business is energising and rewarding.

Serena is a big coffee drinking fan. After meeting Kate and discovering Stay tray, the realisation of having used disposable coffee cups for more than 2 decades struck a cord. All Stay tray reusable drinks trays are made from 100% recycled plastic. One of Serena's favourite trays is the 'Simply Cups' Stay tray. It is made from recycled coffee cups! You can even see pieces of coffee cups embedded in the trays. To see the full Stay tray range go to




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