Meet Nail Snail

Dotterised Client Nail Snail Baby Nail Trimmer

Best ever 3-in-1 Baby Nail Trimmer. Use from Newborn up until 6th Birthday.

Who is Nail Snail®? 

Nail Snail® is a registered trademark and product of Christie & Christie® is an 100% Australian owned, family-run company, based on the Gold Coast. They employ a small team of dedicated mums who each have a personal connection with the Nail Snail®. They help to contribute to the ongoing success of the Nail Snail® and the Christie & Christie® company. At Christie & Christie®, as parents they believe in the best possible care for their children and believe that you and your little ones deserve the same.


Dotterised® and Nail Snail® Have Been Working together since June 2019.


  • On Square Space Platform
  • No paid ads
  • No SEO optimisation
  • No regular email marketing


  • On Shopify Platform
  • Bi-Monthly Email
  • Advertising on Google and Facebook
  • Expanded Social Media Presence
  • Selling Internationally


  • ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) 417%
  • On page 1 of Google

Dotterised® Testimonial

“Working with Serena Dot Ryan® founder of Dotterised®, has been an incredible experience. Serena has built a solid foundation for the extensive marketing plan we have built together. Her knowledge and expertise in SEO, web development, social media and email marketing is truly expansive. It has been so exciting to watch her put all the puzzle pieces together and to watch my company and sales grow every 30 days! I am so excited to see just how far Serena and team can take Christie & Christie® and the Nail Snail®.”


Working with Julia Christie and the Nail Snail® team is an absolute joy as we work collaboratively together to scale the business globally and enable all parents of children 5 years and under to have a Nail Snail® and make trimming tiny nails easier and less stressful for all.


The Nail Snail is an incredible nail trimmer. Serena regularly has her product samples disappear as her 7 year old loves using it to trim their nails and have been doing so for over 2 years! Amazing to think that they are confident and able to trim their nails with it. You can purchase the Nail Snail below or for the full range visit


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