Meet Live Well Health Essentials

Dotterised Client Live Well Health Essentials

Complementary Health Care Products Supporting Healthier Lifestyles.


Who is Live Well Health Essentials?

Live Well Health Essentials is an Australian Complementary Health Care Brand owned by KB Medical Sales, an Australian Company based at Erina on the Central Coast NSW, Australia. Located 1 ½ hours north of Sydney, they are a small team that prides itself on being family centered and enabling their team to have family and work balance.

Live Well Health Essentials focus is to give to the community quality Australian Made complementary health care products that give positive solutions for health care needs including Back Pain, Arthritis, Travel And Adventure Sports, First Aid Supplies and Pain Management.


Working together since 2020


  • On Wordpress
  • No paid ads
  • No SEO optimisation
  • No regular email marketing
  • No Consistent Social Media Presence
  • No Blog


  • On Shopify Platform
  • Building Subscriber List
  • Advertising on Google and Facebook
  • Expanded Social Media Presence
  • Regular Blog and Content Plan Implemented


  • 19.6% Increase In Sales
  • On page 1 of Google


"Live Well Health Essentials has been working with Serena Ryan for over 12 months now.

With a clear and transparent pathway, creating organic search presence and overall busines growth. Our partnership with Dotterised® has given me training, knowledge and confidence in an area of business that Serena knows so well. Live Well Health Essentials look forward to a long and happy business partnership with Dotterised®."

-- Kristina Coates, CEO, KB Medical Sales


Working with the Live Well Health Essentials Team is a great insight into a quality Australian Company determined to bring quality complementary health care products to market to not just make another product but to do so with inspiration to give quality choice for consumers who want to live the healthiest lifestyle they can. 

The Live Well Lumbar With Straps Therapy Bag is Serena Dot Ryan's Favourite product from the Live Well Health Essentials Product Range. So incredibly convenient with the straps to tie the therapy bag around your waist or even on arms, legs, or ankles.

For your convenience you can purchase it below. Alternatively for the full range, visit



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