Dotterised® is a holistic digital marketing agency focused on developing and implementing digital growth strategies to scale eCommerce Businesses.

Our focus is on growing eCommerce product businesses through maximising organic opportunities for clients by having their websites on fast Shopify themes using SEO best practice and then establishing strong presences with customer engagement on platforms where their customers are.

Dotterised® helps product based entrepreneurs who want to scale their business cost effectively. They want to invest in their knowledge enabling them to make informed decisions about their business marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

Serena Dot Ryan, Dotterised founder, lives in Metropolitan Sydney, NSW, Australia. However, when it comes to looking after clients, we live online and thanks to incredible technology we meet with all our clients via Zoom Video Conferencing.

Dotterised® is a digital marketing agency who provides eCommerce digital marketing solutions for product based businesses on the shopify platform. 

Dotterised® has a holistic approach integrating website development with traffic and conversion activities including optimisation and integration of key digital marketing tools including Google, Klaviyo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest.

Each client we work with rather than look at only one aspect of their online presence eg. web development or paid ads, we look at their whole online presence, see where their gaps (or aka ‘leaks’) are and systematically improve their whole online presence in order to increase their sales.


Dotterised® wants all clients to make informed decisions as such has an educational approach to all digital marketing services provided. Depending on client resources and budget we offer Do it Yourself (DIY), Done With You (DWY) and Done For You (DFY) services.

To assess suitability to work together, all potential Dotterised® clients complete a set of questions. The answers to these questions will then form the basis of an initial review of your business’ online presence. A business review known as a Dotterised® POWER Hour that includes recommendations of how to improve your website performance and sales is $500+GST.


After a  Dotterised® POWER Hour is completed the potential client then will be sent options on how they can work with Dotterised® or they are welcome to utilise the recommendations to work with their own agencies to improve their online presence.