Email Marketing

At Dotterised®, we actively look at Email Marketing as a vital part of the marketing and communication mix for all businesses we work with.

Email Marketing is a form of electronic communication that can be broken down into multiple touch points. 

It is ultimately designed to enhance communication. With this in mind we have to also consider the spam act and not unnecessarily communicate.

Given that it takes an average of 12-15 times for someone to be in contact with you before they become a customer and that people are still known to check their email just a frequently as their Social Media (if not more!),  it is worthwhile considering a strategic email marketing plan within the marketing mix for your business.

Rather than only do a newsletter in a weekly or monthly format we can customise the communication to be relevant and in context. It’s about getting the natural fit to increase the communication and build a positive relationship with people that want to hear from you.

Also taking into account the purchase pattern of customers, that are typically busy, easily distracted and have competing priorities, if we were to only do a newsletter we would miss significant opportunities to enhance communication of the purchase of the product and the follow up period as people get their products from you and start using them and actively want to share the love.

To see how Dotterised® can help you to integrate a strong email marketing approach within your eCommerce business, book a Dotterised® POWER Hour today.