Dotterised® work with Australian Product Businesses to successfully grow profitable eCommerce businesses.

Dotterised Partnering With eCommerce Product Businesses

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“Working with Serena Dot Ryan® founder of Dotterised®, has been an incredible experience. Serena has built a solid foundation for the extensive marketing plan we have built together. Her knowledge and expertise in SEO, web development, social media and email marketing is truly expansive. It has been so exciting to watch her put all the puzzle pieces together and to watch my company and sales grow every 30 days! I am so excited to see just how far Serena and team can take Christie & Christie® and the Nail Snail®.”

-- Julia Christie, CEO, Christie & Christie®

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417% ROAS
Nail Snail® Baby Nail Trimmer
61% Increase Conversions
Stay tray Reusable Drink Trays
19% Sales Growth
Live Well Health Essentials

Dotterised® is your eCommerce Partner

Business owners want and need profit. Our holistic approach is built on analysis and optimisation of traffic and conversion. When you know what traffic is converting and get more of this you have the opportunity to achieve your business goals.

Rather than a siloed approach of individual campaigns for brand awareness, engagement and brand consideration or sales, the Dotterised® approach is omnichannel. We look at the whole customer experience and literally connect the dots of each essential element of marketing.

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Becoming a Dotterised® client (aka partner) is a process of creating a mutually beneficial relationship to achieve your business goals.
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